May 2, 2018

Peace and Humility

Thinking engulfs 
With no conclusion 
Decisions are far from reach 
The living is so tiresome 
Ego is hurt
Fire is washed 
Years passed 
 Tears dried 
Emotions are tedious 
Know not the way out...

A friend questioned:
"What are you strong at?"

I answered:
Enjoying the nature,
Loving animals, 
Loving art, 
Cherishing beauty, 
Reading Shakespeare, 
Thinking on and on...

The buddy said:
"All seem so useless to me"

I said:
"The more useless the more valuable
A piece of art becomes!"

He said:
"Where on earth you get that idea?
Why and how do you even think in such term?
Why can't you live in the reality? 
Why are you running away from that?
Why are you hiding in your crazy philosophical unrealistic world?"

I said:
Fear of failure!
Reality hurts a lot!

Acquired skillsets of l1 years:
English, Typing, Ms-Office, Blogging, 
E-mail writing, Communication,
Building rapport, Training people, 
All seem null! 
Those are all survival needs...
They don't seem meaningful to even quote!
Being surreal means a lot, 
More than being real! 
Though, in the end, worldly survival matters the most...
Why take so much emotional fighting!
Do, earn and forget.
Care very less about what you do:
Corporate teachings! 
Spend worthier time away...
Peace and humility overwhelm...
Letting things go away!

April 23, 2018

Life - A Mockery

In undefined definition, 
Unrefined reasons,
Uncertain moments,
Beauty sustains...
Clumsy and flimsy
Messy and fishy
Yet aromatic and romantic
Are the impromptu happenings...
Arrested expressions,
Overwhelming gestures,
 Are the inevitable experiences...

Anihilated to deny the authenticity of id,
Too timid to accept the vulnerability,
Breaking into pieces never helps
Analytical skills diminish...
 Why not cherish every bit of it
Treasure the fragments in sensible storage
Moments of impulsive joy
Are too short and rare to decipher
It is OK to enjoy
But not to intoxicate...
Because ruin is the road for emotionally driven souls!

Judicial norms of tradition and culture,
Social pattern of lifestyle,
Stoop down to the bumpy gravel road.
Can't live out the heart
Can't chase the dreams
Can't be original
One decision involves many souls;
Terms and conditions are always impossible
To read or write...
But not to sign blindly to follow the herd
What a life of mockery it is!

March 19, 2018


Emotions are hard to decipher
Plunge into unpredictable connections
With immeasurable depth
Daring not about tomorrow
As soon as it dawns:
The connection is momentary 
A pang of anger and frustration...
Measures and calculates 
The vain moments invested!
The truth is:
Beyond momentary expectations, 
Beautiful joy is hidden,
In the cliche - Love him or her for what he or she is!
Indeed, anger, possessiveness and expectations 
Are inescapable passage to pass through!
Either cross the passage faster, 
Or end the connection stuck in the passage...
But people are beautiful 
Deserve something more than measurable,
Limit not in the tangibility of time and space,
Dare not to give without calculations 
Not everyone on earth touches,
Very few souls connect...
Very few souls are intimidating 
Very few souls are authentic 
Very few souls provide cherishable memories...
Spend the time with no regret
Treasure the memories of those rare souls!
Physical separation is inevitable...
Days pass on 
People fly away
In the end, moments and momentariness only matter!


January 20, 2018

The Miracle

Let these fruitless days pass
Let the futility surpass  
Let a beautiful soul awaken
To prove the truthfulness
Beyond the world of hypocrisy,
Let the living mankind arise
To light the dying soul...
Let the numbness of mundane shatter
Let the faith be reborn,
Let the rainbow colour the sky
After gloominess of hopelessness...
Let the dreams of joy come true,
Let the miracle emerge!

Butterflies Flutter in the Wrong Season!

Wounded to the core
Know not the medicine
Nobody is reason
Malignant disease of desire
Grows to destruct day by day
Still sensibility holds the rein
Never felt so weak and timid
Dare to even face the illness
That holds life from the death
The irony lies there!

Malignancy of the benign virus is cruel:
Memories are reviving 
Butterflies are fluttering 
Heartbeats are darting 
Jitters are all over now and then!
Many times reasons fade away 
Anxious impulses drive through
Just for a wink and a smile
At times, reason strongly injects 
A giant needle of reality 
To put the sickness down...

Genuinely, the ride has never been smooth;
Sadly, the driver takes all the wrong turns.
At the end, falling from the cliff is sure!
Truly, resisting the journey is hell...
Going with the wind will tear the soul apart.
Annoyingly, there is no right or wrong;
Yet, the social limitations are too strong.
Every time, ending up in impossiblity is the trend!
Why can’t for once things go right?!?

December 11, 2017

The Story of a Vulnerable Vulture

A vulture everyday visits a dark woods,
To decipher the mystery of the forest,
He never tries to enter once, 
Sits for years to pull the courage,
He scares to his bones to try all alone, 
He witnessed none entering alone,
Many birds chirp around him,
In the wide-spread meadow
Lies before the forest...
Every bird thinks he sits there to scare them away;
He cares too less about the birds
Flock in the meadows;
He wonders if any bird joins him to enter,
He has seen many pairs of birds fly in and fade away,
But as years pass, the pairs have been reduced,
Or even interested in the woods, 
They are timid and temporary...
The vulture dares none but beholds the beauty 
Of the crooked and complicated darkness inside the woods!

A few years ago he wasn't a vulture,
He was a beautiful peacock,
With pride and power,
A bird took him to the meadows
And showed him the forest,
As he was dreaming to explore the forest with her,
She took another bird and flew pass over him,
Into the woods!
Now the peacock lost its scherzo,
Plummeted to a vulture,
Withered all his colorful plumage...
Wore strong and cruel outlook,
He dares to harm a living being,
There he perches hiding all his vulnerability,
With the hope of entering the forest,
He can never be one among the flock,
Having fun at the meadows...
He is one of a kind -
Believes the forest holds better life!

December 2, 2017

Forbidden Boundless Beauty

A Lotus roots in the mire,
With all knots and mess,
Believing the world is so entangled and dark,
Until a ray hits the surface,
 She is awestruck!
Fights through her stalks, 
To witness the wonder, 
She reaches out, 
To the flawless plain water,
To the beauty of the peaceful world;
She falls in love with the ray,
For pulling her out,
For giving her eyes!
She blushes out in pink,
Opened up petal by petal,
Dreaming she can be one with the Sun,
She is all bloomed up to join hands with him;
Brooding melancholy of reality awakens her up...
He is always far beyond her reach! 
Sadly, she can't change the way she feels,
Even after knowing the differences and distance,  
She gives all her might to just see him shine,
She withers out with no regret,
Seeing her forbidden boundless beauty!