April 14, 2017

Why am I so Impossible?

At everyone’s counsel with crushed ego
At everyone’s eyes aimless and fruitless
Standing alone,
Cutting a figure of sorrow,
Believing every soul is born
With the quest to seek;
It’s almost three and a half decades,
Deep down the churning never stops
Promising clues keep the show on...
Sometimes, the thought creeps in –
What if the quest and clues are mere mirages!
What if the seeking and waiting are all for nothing!
Even after so many years...
It is very hard to compromise with the world.

April 2, 2017

Nothing but Everything!

This huge big ball called earth
Evolves everyday
Yet, revolves in the same axis!
No past or present or future is better;
The elements and time,
The birth and death,
Begin and end at the same destination!
The random particles evolve to a form
And dissolve to nothing every day;
Good and bad; right and wrong
Collide at a gravitational singularity...
In the whole spectrum of universe
Nothing is either real or tangible;
What a mocking mystery we live!


All seem so easy:
When I see people around me,
Holding on to social values;
When I see them lead life,
Believing everything is running race;
When I see them evolve,
Accepting day-to-day mundane;
Sometimes, all seem so beautiful:
 When I see two lovers,
Hoping to get married;
When I see the parents,
Bringing up their children;
When I see children,
Playing around me...

A whack on my face:
Everything becomes nothing,
In real, life is too complicated to crack,
When I see children in cancer institute,
When I see a husband die at 40,
Leaving his wife with an autistic son,
When true love proves to be myth,
My faith is annihilated;
Time to time hopes of new joy,
Bloom and wither;   
Pain and sorrow linger,
And now I find solace in them;
For some, even a simple and normal life,
As per social norms, is a luxury! 

March 7, 2017

Nothing Happens

Days move on idly with no motion,
Except for motion pictures,
Welling emotions are numb,
Falling words are stuck,
What phase is this?
Lazy and lifeless
Pessimism prevails...
Nothingness engulfs everything,
So long, hopes are hoping on,
Suddenly a bereft creeps in,
May be the course of world,
Or may be the course of time,
Dreams are far,
Time steals the energy away,
Everything else stand-still,
Convenient comfort zone,
Consuming ‘unbearable lightness of being’…

Dory Moments

No strategy or plan – just an impulse!
That is all!
A streak of the sunshine on a winter morning,
The shimmering Moon on the dark sky,
A cool breeze on the sweaty face,
Fluttering butterflies amidst dull routine,
 Chirpy leaves after a rain bath,
Waving hands in a school bus,
And the list goes on…
All just happen in a wink
Indeed, life happens every moment,
No past or No future,
No memory or No hope,
Immediacy in everything,
Plunge into moment after moment,
Life enlarges in the narrow vision,
Every breath is taken away by every moment,
With wide-opened eyes and awe-stuck expression!

November 1, 2016

The Hero

A blaze ignited illegitimately,
Purer kind yet wilder,
Elegance in every sense,
Unpredictable and unconditional,
A perfect blend of Angel and Demon!
Men of his kind is very rare,
None stands against him with dare,
He rips the heads off in a wink,
Just for sport…
The world swirls under his foot,
In fear and terror.

The irony lies in the values he upholds:
He was annealed and hammered,
On and on, for the sin he knows not,
Placing family above all,
For the family he never belongs,
Loves brothers and sisters relentlessly,
Even after Knowing,
Everyone of them wants him dead!

The wonder lies in the way he loves:
Old-school type of sufferer in silence,
Inexpressible emotions flood in the tiny smile,
An artist of words and colours,
Sweeps away with an upright behaviour,
Never expects even a grain in return,
He loves with so much intensity,

UNCONDITIONAL in every way!

May 24, 2016

Is Life Light or Heavy?

There are numerous ways out,
But the heart chooses to be entrapped
In those walls of memories;
 Always dangling amidst extremes,
Being isolated from everything,
Yet, plunging impulsively on momentary pleasures, 
There is no question of tomorrow,
Terribly trapped in today,
Feeling the fire of freedom, 
Yet imprisoned in the aesthetics of life,
Fetching frenzy from depression,
Dwelling in dreary darkness, 
Bearing 'the unbearable lightness',
Hoping the 'eternal heaviness' 
Will reveal the purpose and reasons!