November 12, 2017

A Rendezvous

After a decade,
Happened to meet a student,
Astonished to be addressed as 'Madam'
It sounded so different!
 With an outlook never looked to be a 'Madam',
Felt too odd to encounter a student 
Yet, it is not about the outlook,
It is about the trace of true and naïve passion.
The weird memory dusts off all naughty and unruly faces,
But not the studious average student's face!
 He didn't even give a second thought,
Immediately a heart-felt smile spreads all over his face.  
He spent hardly 50 hours as a freshman,
He is a grown-up man now,
An IT shark in the corporate ocean,
Yet, he is so studious and respectful!
After the rendezvous,
The regret of losing the passion engulfs...
Being an unforgettable face in hundreds of people,
Feels so good! 

October 10, 2017

A Noose of Passion

Stepped out of college a dozen year ago,
With eyes full of dreams, 
With heart full of passion, 
To impart,
To change a few lives,
To learn everyday,
To be with youth forever;
Did grab a noose to the dream!
 For a couple of years,
Tried the best to climb up:
The rope seemed to be fascinating and pure,
When it was held by the predecessors;  
But the rope was too slimy to grip,
With the bare hands, 
It needed very expensive gloves to hold on, 
The passion makes the hands sweat a lot, 
So hopelessly dropped the noose
Jumped into the mire of chaos
With altered passions 
With existential intentions...
Hope to swim through it 
To the purple horizon!

September 3, 2017

Music Moves Me

A young chirpy charming nightingale,
Strings a tune on guitar
Sings in a sonorous voice:
OMG! I am in sheer bliss!
Almost after a decade...
The act reminds me so many purple moments,
Though in grey shades...
Where does the muse lie?
Where does the music flow from?
Mystery to my stupid brain!
Jealous of those who crack,
No wonder, harmony lies in their nerve:
Notes, lyrics, chords and vocal chords
Blend in perfecto - Awestruck - 
My core hits the zenith - I wish to die -
This world is enough for the joy of a song!
The ultimatum of life lives in music,
Music touches the darkest recesses:
Of my irrational senses and emotions,
Where I dare to explore...
It communicates so deep,
It puts me in order,
It lulls me to sleep, 
It makes me smile,
I am so grateful to the nightingale 
For the beautiful five-minute private concert!

August 10, 2017

Mean Feelings!

Funny it looks 
While falling prey to mean feelings;
But I feel helpless at times:
One of my little cousins wore CK watch
The reaction of mine was:
Wide-opened eyes and curled lips
That was so immediate and authentic,
Though brief...
Know not whether it expressed my dismay
Of being worked my arse off for two decades 
Without a penny to afford for personal luxury,
Or the deep longing to be gifted as her 
To get every luxury stuff from parents and siblings...
Indeed, she is the sweetest little cousin, 
Whom I revere the most for her honest relationship!
Neither rational thinking nor compassionate feeling
Comes handy to assist me to be a better person. 
I don't regret my expression of jealousy either, 
But after a while, the adversity grounded me, 
And I sank in philosophical contemplation;
I laughed at my own meanness,
And I thought the CK piece was so beautiful on her wrist! 

August 3, 2017

New Venture

It all started with anger and anguish, 
Of unrecognized efforts,
Of vain time of four years; 
On a whimsy, I leapt beyond my fear, 
And geared up from the wear,
To a writer hunt of reputed brand, 
Everything happened at sixes and sevens, 
But it felt like thank heavens, 
Or wipes to long prosaic tears... 
 Kick-started with life-time dream,
Or methinks so!
Yet bewildered with the unknown road -
Whether a detour or right on path!
Never-mind, venturing new city and new people
(Multicultural, Multilingual facades of them)
Thrills the ride!
Feeling both awful and awestruck with the acquaintance 
Of a decade younger crowd - 
Surprised to see better human beings than racing robots;
Worried by their frenzy of self-destructive fun and madness.
The gamut of experience is beautiful!
Perceptions and thoughts deepen and widen
Inspirations are stronger to pen down...
Yet the puzzles of the decision
 Are jumbled and have no defined reasons! 
Let the candle light linger, 
Let the mind not blow it with a finite reason,
Life ebbs and flows with blind hopes
And with riddles without clues! 

April 14, 2017

Why am I so Impossible?

At everyone’s counsel with crushed ego
At everyone’s eyes aimless and fruitless
Standing alone,
Cutting a figure of sorrow,
Believing every soul is born
With the quest to seek;
It’s almost three and a half decades,
Deep down the churning never stops
Promising clues keep the show on...
Sometimes, the thought creeps in –
What if the quest and clues are mere mirages!
What if the seeking and waiting are all for nothing!
Even after so many years...
It is very hard to compromise with the world.

April 2, 2017

Nothing but Everything!

This huge big ball called earth
Evolves everyday
Yet, revolves in the same axis!
No past or present or future is better;
The elements and time,
The birth and death,
Begin and end at the same destination!
The random particles evolve to a form
And dissolve to nothing every day;
Good and bad; right and wrong
Collide at a gravitational singularity...
In the whole spectrum of universe
Nothing is either real or tangible;
What a mocking mystery we live!