August 10, 2017

Mean Feelings!

Funny it looks 
While falling prey to mean feelings;
But I feel helpless at times:
One of my little cousins wore CK watch
The reaction of mine was:
Wide-opened eyes and curled lips
That was so immediate and authentic,
Though brief...
Know not whether it expressed my dismay
Of being worked my arse off for two decades 
Without a penny to afford for personal luxury,
Or the deep longing to be gifted as her 
To get every luxury stuff from parents and siblings...
Indeed, she is the sweetest little cousin, 
Whom I revere the most for her honest relationship!
Neither rational thinking nor compassionate feeling
Comes handy to assist me to be a better person. 
I don't regret my expression of jealousy either, 
But after a while, the adversity grounded me, 
And I sank in philosophical contemplation;
I laughed at my own meanness,
And I thought the CK piece was so beautiful on her wrist! 

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