August 3, 2017

New Venture

It all started with anger and anguish, 
Of unrecognized efforts,
Of vain time of four years; 
On a whimsy, I leapt beyond my fear, 
And geared up from the wear,
To a writer hunt of reputed brand, 
Everything happened at sixes and sevens, 
But it felt like thank heavens, 
Or wipes to long prosaic tears... 
 Kick-started with life-time dream,
Or methinks so!
Yet bewildered with the unknown road -
Whether a detour or right on path!
Never-mind, venturing new city and new people
(Multicultural, Multilingual facades of them)
Thrills the ride!
Feeling both awful and awestruck with the acquaintance 
Of a decade younger crowd - 
Surprised to see better human beings than racing robots;
Worried by their frenzy of self-destructive fun and madness.
The gamut of experience is beautiful!
Perceptions and thoughts deepen and widen
Inspirations are stronger to pen down...
Yet the puzzles of the decision
 Are jumbled and have no defined reasons! 
Let the candle light linger, 
Let the mind not blow it with a finite reason,
Life ebbs and flows with blind hopes
And with riddles without clues! 

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