December 25, 2015

The Spark

Blazing as the Sun,
Soothing as the Moon,
Brimming with poise,
Perfect blend of grace and blaze;
A heaven-made serendipity,
Intellectually seductive,
No reason deciphers yet,
Blindfolded with enlightenment
Time, space, legitimacy, reality 
Were burnt in the flame of articulations!
Neither sin nor sacred,
Neither good nor bad,
Neither right nor wrong,
Neither a dream nor a fact,
Neither a lie nor a truth,
Yet a righteous blend of both - 
Insanely human!
All is fair,
Indeed, there are both love and war,
Beyond tangible sensousness;
Yet an intense ethereal,
A pious worship,
An everlasting envision,
An infatuated immediacy,
An endless enigma,
An intellectual triumph,
A sensible failure,
A stunning art:
On reaching out,
With ache, 
With zeal,
With melancholy,
For beauty,
For knowledge,
For passion,
Stands still forever...

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