December 19, 2015

Monotonous Oscillations

Insanity of humdrum existence prevails,
Composed state has been decomposing,
Sickness is sticking sequentially,
Day begins with an alarm,
Time just slips between fingers and keys,
Senselessly with no semantics,
Sedentary life swallows the slightest hope:
Of serendipity or of serenity!
Desperation leads to despicable temper,
Yet the nerve never negotiates
On the valour for venture,
Sadist social sentiment is stinking stagnant,
 And is thrusting the practical practice of the crowd,
Still relentless reliance on surreal radiates:
Images of grad cap and robe,
Holding self-authored books and mic,
Living in the vicinity of scholars,
Dying with out a regret
 Of not being burden to the earth;
Personal values cannot be amended,
To conventional custom of waiting
 For someone to validate the existence;
The images of fitting into a social routine
Or of binding to bonds of blood,
Or of creating connections inside closet,
Are subjectively scary -
Yet the verdict awaits verification!

1 comment:

Sulo sundar said...

splendid lines only from my rose