March 3, 2016

Bing Bong

A friend whom I give all my space,
Whom I never want to get rid of in this lifetime!
I made him in my childhood,
With all my favourite colours,
With all my favourite animals' furs, 
With all my creativity,
With so much fun!
When I grow, 
He never grows,
Never leaves me alone,
Laughs out loud for everything
With his cute cotton-candy big belly,
Gifts me with new imagination,
Keeps my fear and disgust at bay,
Takes me wherever I wish to go,
Shows me whatever I wish to see!
When I was lost once by my wrong choice,
He found me back,
Now, he is the bestie and my only bestie,
 Whom I can be naked,
Without any social etiquette,
Without any external pressure,
Without any prejudice, 
Without any mask,
Without any colour! 
He has never fumbled with choices,
His only priority is me,
And I choose him to be my only priority too...
But the scary part is:
Out there, 
Many grown-ups grow killing
One such lovely friend they created,
But I will be lost if I lose him,
I beg him not to leave me,
'Bing Bong, Please never fade away,
Take me to the moon!'

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