August 16, 2015

Missing those innocent days...

Sometimes change is not welcoming,
Some changes are unbearably painful:
Losing the innocence, immaturity, and inner rush,
Adapting to maturity, social evolution and sensible wisdom,
Are challenging and in no way welcoming;
Losing the charm of meaningless and reasonless friendship, 
Upgrading to responsible and sensitive friendship,
Are not fun at all;
Missing stupid jokes and wide giggles,
Talking of wisdom and lessons learned,
Sound so gravely old!
Yes, the fear creeps in:
Is growing-up a bane or boon?
Where does this growth lead?
To ugly rotten heavy selfish secured living?
Or to blissful everlasting joyous wisdom/beauty?
Time and space are terrible villains:
They keep changing priorities;
They keep changing the very meaning!
They never give reasons,
They just play many riddles,
Many riddles are left unanswered till the end...