July 12, 2015

Dear Mom

It's a 'spontaneous overflow'
No decorated emotions,
No fancy words,
No poetic shadings!
Your love is my fuel to ride on,
Selfless, unconditional, unartificial,
Rustic and terribly honest!
Even if it hurts me,
You dare not to say where I am wrong!
You always find what went wrong,
Rather what has come right...
That way you mend me
 To be perfect in many ways,
You prefer to suffer to live a dignified living,
You never felt tire of sewing,
You sat on the sewing machine
When I was crawling,
Now, I crossed 30 still I see you sew,
Neither your illness nor my money stops
You from sewing,
Dazzling lady you are!
How emotionally pure and sensitive you are!
You protect me from every illness in the society,
I know not whether I can bear pain like you;
Those sleepless nights and food-less days you suffered are still in my memory,
Untiring hard-work earns you diabetes,
Still you never give up your self-employment!
I admire the flawless commitment and conviction of yours.
You are the living legend to me,
I can sense how cruel life is to you,
I am terribly helpless to see you suffer,
If at all there is some cosmic balance,
I want to see you happy and healthy, Mom!
Always proud to be your daughter...

1 comment:

Sulo sundar said...

She is the most deserved mother to have u as her loving child