July 12, 2015

Futile Hard Work of Five Decades

Shredded pieces of immense talent,
Keep on trying to tower over
Real-life barriers: finance, society and family;
Even the tiniest aspiration is pricked in every way,
Deeply regretted for living in a society,
Where everyone is insensitive,
Densely felt ruined for living in a family,
Where everyone insults the immense talent,
Of all, the sabotage of finance is unamendable,
Ultimately suppressions of aspirations,
Agitate the core confidence of living...
Year by year passed on and on...
Tears never stopped to shed.
The endless combat leads nowhere
But to healthless and wealthless insecured life!
For some, life can never be kind,
No philosophy or no religious belief
Or no logical reason brings meaning,
Life does go on and on with pain and suffering...
And day by day the spark of hope,
Is doomed in darkness...
Hoping for hope becomes tedious;
The horse is running on and on,
In the race of unjust mutiny,
Not just for one or two years,
But for three solid decades,
Yet there is no sign of destiny...

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