April 18, 2015

Cerberus Inside

Deep down a daring Cerberus,
With three heads,
With three thoughts,
With three visions,
As inner id, esteemed self and aspiring artist,
Is roaring in endless conflicts,
Is also groaning in a pain of suppresion,
Know not the day they burst out to burn the whole;
They keep on growling with each other,
Day by day the helplessness of mundane living,
Makes them grow deeper and stronger...
The aspiring artist grows more aggressive,
Than the inner id and esteemed self;
Artist flares up with thousand sensible reasons,
The other two always end up in pointless arguments;
Unfortunately, the mundane reality chains them all down,
With the helplessness.
Contrastingly, the Cerberus is waiting for Orpheus' lyre here,
To harmonize and lull it to sleep,
Rather than chained by cruelty of reality;
Loyalty and obedience can sometimes tie, 
Even the daring spirit of dragon with a tiny chain, 
From its own salvation!

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