August 22, 2015

Life is Beautiful

Beauty is fragmented in bits and pieces:
Just four solid walls,
One wooden door locked,
Windows are opened,
A chill breeze keeps flapping the drapes,
Speakers on, 
Country songs and modern melodies,
From West to East,
Perfectly blended vocals, strings, and percussions,
On cozy soft bed,
With closed eyes, 
All the chaos of living is gone,
No responsibility, no duty call,
No sense of place or time,
Just feels like floating on cloud,
Oh my God!
So idle, Yet so beautiful!
Hunger just interrupts,
A fast and instant one-time food,
Self cooked as per palate's content,
By chance, ingredients get blended perfectly,
To add more beauty to the moment,
Even the simple dosa makes the eyes close,
As each piece melts in the tongue...
The immediate expression is 'Divine'!
Then the music is on and bed is filled,
Mind is in ultimate harmony and peace,
Emotions are intact,
The day ends divinely beautiful,
With no human or mundane interruption!

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