February 20, 2015

Fly Far

Stressed to suffocation,
Suppressed by social demands,
Pressurized to burst out;
Why so many whys?
It's beyond reasoning;
Unique, peerless, and invincible vision
Only I can see, feel, and relate,
And my eyes have no digitized projector,
Even if I show, none can sense,
What I search for or seek out,
And how strong it grows on me day by day;
Parental oppression is beyond the boundaries,
All well prepared to trap the bird,
Where the whole crowd was caged;
Everyone wants to push every other person,
Into the round and round routine:
Of being born, giving birth and dying;
I have been flapping on and on
To soar higher and farther,
From the evanescence of mundane life;
I don't want to be domesticated and caged;
Dependency is the deceiving demon!
Dare not to depend for emotional
Or physical or moral reasons so far;
Wish for a wide spread into the wild!

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