February 21, 2015


Sleeping beyond the conscious,
Of Sun's waking up and sweeping in.
Dipping the roasted bread in,
Sipping the aromatic creamy coffee,
Yawping while stretching,
Slumping on a cozy cushion,
Skipping the work-outs,
Slipping into a food fare,
Gulping all the junks,
Chomping cheesy creamy fatty food,
Slurping a pint of cola,
Galloping on a bike dodging the traffic,
Gaping at handsome men,
Slipping pennies on extravagant cinemas,
Shopping pricey bags and shoes,
Jumping on a bed at 12 AM,
Napping at working hours in work place,
And so on and on goes the list...
In a metro and mechanical living,
With no magic of nature and nurture,
What else can be a better relief?
Loosen up once a while,
Indulgence is inevitable in this monotony.

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