January 9, 2015

Kill the Heart till the Goal!

Vision of puffing and panting dreams,
In the wide open eyes,
And the helplessness to save them
To hear the proud proclaim of Failures: 'Dreams are dreams,
Rootless and formless,
Fade away into the darkness...'
Emotional bonding of social structure,
Are so very meaningless,
When the being and dying,
Cannot be borne on none's behalf!
Yet everyone takes responsibility,
Of everyother soul...

On gratitude's and duty's sake 
How many precious opportunities,
How many tiny wishes,
How many passionate dreams,
Were slipped through the fingers!
Still on and on goes...
The demands of kith and kin,
Till the very life is slipped!
 Pathetic social codes and systems,
Of so-called secured and safe life,
Of familial bonds SUCK!
The casting daggers of tears,
The blackmailing catastrophic emotional dramas,
Pierce through the conviction and confidence,
Of the picture tube of hopeful dreams;
No one ever knows:
 How excruciatingly painful to kill the will,
To destroy the vision!

Wish not to feel,
Wish not to be trapped by emotions,
Wish not to sympathise with people,
Wish for a sterner heart,
Or to be a heartless brute,
Sometimes courage is not enough,
Mere rage drives better,
Dare not to hurt people,
Who meddle on the way to the goal,
Tender and empathetic nature,
Hinders the courage to reach out
For a Himalayan height!
Indeed, no one ever bears the pain on no one's behalf!

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