December 28, 2014

Well-wrapped Empty Giftbox

Days and years passed by...
Longing for a huge change,
Hanging on a single hope,
The time turns a solid hope,
Into a deep frustration,
Also makes the huge into the tiny...
How strangely the time can turn the table!
Now, everything seems the same,
The chase never ends,
Dragging on and on...
Dreams tried its best to sparkle before,
Now sparkles fade into dying ember,
Promising hopes are rolling as teardrops,
Someone says, 'I choose to be happy',
Sighing deep and heavy I ask: Is it so?
When I am left with Hobson's choice
For choosing even a breakfast,
When will I break the emotional traps,
To choose the path that is less travelled by,
That I dream of and wish for...
If happiness is a choice,
Why on earth we have the word 'tragedy'!