August 5, 2014

Magic of Visual Arts

'Don't sit in front of idiot box'
'Don't waste your money on cinemas'
'What do you get from watching movies?'
'You are wasting your time and energy'
My mom keeps yelling at me,
From my age of 6 till now,
Whenever I am in front of monitors or screens.
However, even after 25 years,
I still can’t decipher why she yells at me,
I haven’t lost even the smallest amount,
Of my curiosity and excitement in visual arts.
Still, I ask myself:
What do I get from watching range of videos?
The answer is: I get all kinds of emotions,
A human being can possibly feel!
Beauty of nature:
Avalanche, snow wind, whirlwinds,
Volcanos, burning lava flows,
Aurora borealis, snowflakes,
Polar bears, penguins, reindeers,
And so on and on...
I witness and experience them,
Only through monitors and screens;
True love and loss,
Prince charming and happy ending,
Fairy tales and fantasy worlds,
Where do I find them beyond screens!
Of all,
The muse of music and the grace of language
Leave an everlasting impact,
In my senses, memory and knowledge!
Not every video or genre of movie
Does the magic…
For me, anything that ignores
The gross, violent and vulgar aspects of life,
That ensures the hope, joy and beauty,
With aesthetically richer expression,
Magically makes all the difference.
As Keats says, "A thing of beauty is joy forever"
Things that are in concrete form and shape
Never have an everlasting quality,
Abstract and abstracts can alone last forever,
And from Shakespearean stage to hi-tech IMAX screen,
Spectators (I) rush to theatre for an experience,
That is beyond explanation,
And is worth being born on this planet:
CATHARSIS – ‘A thing of beauty’!

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