July 5, 2014

No Art: No Life

Poetry and literature:
Pour life into the mire of dead living,
Paint the long-gone beauty and love again,
Flicker the light of hope!
Then I realize:
Living the moment is not Carpe Diem,
Reading and writing poetry is Carpe Diem
Knowing to read Shakespeare is Carpe Diem
Listening to symphonies is Carpe Diem
Witnessing the beauty of art is Carpe Diem
I always regret
For not making a career to do them
As I love to live 
  By learning, enlightening, and enjoying
The beauty of life through Art,
Indeed, life has it's own mystery
To drag me away from doing them;
So I push myself to prove,
I am competent enough
To earn lifeless papers,
For living in this chaos;
Yet, I am grateful to the people,
Who enlighten me of a better world
That finds beauty in everything,
That teaches to extract beauty
From the havoc of material modern living!

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