July 11, 2014

Dazzling Dreamland

A dream that mesmerizes my reality,
Filled with hues and tints of nature
A breathtaking brilliance, I see;
A beauty beyond expression, I experience;
Boundless invulnerable fecund land,
Far far away from the balanced planet
Of death and life,
Of mad social limits,
Of political congestion,
Of brain-eating machines,
Of currency-restricted living.
 I alone in the form of human,
With memories of death and pain,
Walk with fear of danger, 
See with my sickened eyes,
 Every being is alive here
A few pleasant-faced flowers,
Brush my face, 
I whiff a magical fragrance,
I feel a new rush of joy 
Pumping through my veins,
 All the darkness buried in the mind 
Vanished in the air.
My skin tightens,
My face brightens,
And my senses sharpen:
A fresh me?
"No, now you are a Truland soul"
Whispers a flying rainbow flutterby.
      "Truland!" I utter with rising eyebrows. 
 An ensemble of furry creatures - 
Cat's face with bear's bearing sing:
"Truland is a place with no end
For joy and hoy with no coy
So dance with us to enjoy
    Love is all that we know 
And so there is no sorrow
Join us in the row"
I can hear me laughing endlessly
With those catbear men.
A voice mutes the laughter: 
"You are scaring me
Why are laughing while sleeping
Wake up, Wake up;
Truland hazes away into the darkness
I open my eyes... 

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