July 5, 2014


A veil of failures are shutting me from blooming
Stretching and squeaking to rip it up
Every try makes the veil thicker,
Harder and darker...
The pain is growing stronger every day
Leaving will weaker;
How much ever I put on a mask
Of contentment and happiness,
Losing the reasonable path 
To a goal of passion
Swirls inside... 
Reason of immediacy and momentary
Twirls the veil as an unsolvable maze;
Dying dreams of passion dishearten,
Death can be an escape from the misery,  
But I have choice to kill myself but not others;
As my death would cost two other lives, 
I am running along the current.
Recent awareness of Carpe Diem
Chokes me to death,
As I never even tried it for once!
Every time an excitement pops in my head,
I can never be in it for few seconds, 
The call of responsibility,
And the priority of needs,
Push me back to the mechanical, 
Reachless and passionless morbid mire.   

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