June 11, 2014

I love my 'Neverland'

May be, I sound stupid,
To the world...
I am an outdated romantic dreamer,
Unrealistic and illogical person I am,
To the crowd...
How can I come out of my 'Neverland',
When dreams are the reason:
For my happy going, 
For my stupid writings, 
And for my living itself!
A decade of decaying life,
Of can't win for losing -
Is happening to me in real...
 Let me be the stupidest and weirdest person,
I care very little about the world
As I always dwell in my 'Neverland',
Where I see my fairy friends,
Who make blossoms in my mood's colour,
Where I dance with dancing princesses,
Where I muse on musing musicians,
Where I sing aloud in the chorus of nightingale,
Where I kiss my enticing Prince Charming,
And I live happily thereafter,
With hale and healthy people -
Both physically and mentally!
What bothers the world I really don't know,
They can't bear watching me in my 'Neverland',
I prefer to live this way
 This is my lovely and only life
I cannot make others to live mine.
Shine or rain let me face it,
End of the day: I wish to be an autobiography,
Wish not to be someone's biography!

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