June 4, 2014

Ticking Tick-Tock Never Minds

Time moves on and on
I am sitting alone on a single rock still
Watching the ebbs and flows;
The ocean is infused with deep aquamarine -
Tempting to walk in from far
From near, the ocean is cold and dark -
Terrifying me to run away
Roaring romantic melodies soothe heart and mind, 
At times, however,
Howling horrific grunges:
Give tremors to heart and thought;
I am listening alone to them - still
With closed eyes visualizing
Immortality dancing inside the mortality.
Motionless, seasonless and reasonless,
With mere inexplicable passion,
I got stuck in the same place, time and action,
Wondering why am I blindfolded to tangible reality,
Trying to decipher the oblivion,
Groping the paradoxical abstracts for grip.
However, time keeps on moving...

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