May 21, 2014

Language of Life

Ludwig van Beethoven is the finest example,
To start with the intricacy of life - 
Beethoven realizes the beauty of life,
And the secrecy of life through his ears,
When he started using the greatest gift of hearing,
Life laughs at him and flicks away the gift;
Still he deciphered the deeper irony,
Without his ears, 
He makes the world to hear him forever!
Life communicates with ironies
Many don't get it right,
People keep on questioning the people, 
Who are enormously lovable but stay alone,
Who are extremely talented but be poor,
Who are beautifully lively but be sick,
Why do they get abandoned from what they deserve?
Life grins at them:
'Fools, it takes a lot more to decipher me,
And I always speak Ironically!'


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