May 21, 2014

Prince Charming

Painted beauty without the tiniest taint,
Living statue with too much perfection,
A wholesome of an emotional being,
Dainty decorum in every action,
Dexterously delicate with musical instruments,
Delirious distraction of harmonious handsome,
Dazzles always in radiant white.
Beyond the looks everyone was awestruck
By the sensible sensitivity without sensuousness;
Even without words reads emotions and responds, 
Senses the heart's fire alarm from miles away,
Has an acute acumen to connect emotionally,
Stands beside even before one thinks of the name,
Wipes the tears and dreary wears,
Communicates without words,
Lends the ears to many,
But tongue to a selective few,
Is well-versed in philosophy of life,
Speaks only in need and only words of wisdom,
Smiles both for love and loss,
Hesitates not to shed tears too
At times of extremities...
To list the charm of ultimate handsomeness 
Words are fumbling to fall in place
There lives such Prince Charming in fantasy world,
But not even one on this earth!

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