May 18, 2014

Fumbling with Fall

Once a dignified teacher
Walked swiftly with aplomb,
Was generous enough
To share all he learned,
And all he owned too.
He used to knock the students' doors at 6 AM,
To give the materials and books,
He never waits to lend the money to the needy
Instead he walks to their home to give it!
Connoisseur of world classics in literature, music and art!
Too much knowledge of him
Made his students fell too far behind his pace...
However, he never gave up in making them understand!
He cared more for his students 
Rather for his own family!

Now, adversity of old age engulfed him,
Retirement alienates him
From the job he breathed;
His Prometheus will has slid into second infancy,
Long suppressed id has burst out,
And swept off the preserved prudence in him,
Drastic change in his nature 
And dramatic way of his expressions
Bewildered some, shocked many, 
And made many ran away!
Indeed, a man in his 60s -
Loses his balance, fumbles with his mental pace,
And lives in oblivion.
Universal truth and self explained state...
But why do people act too judgmental;
Except for handful bunch,
Many mistake, act weird, and feel loathsome
To the person who had such dignified living, 
And who had cared for their well being. 
It hurts to witness the students
He most revered and helped ignore or insult him,
No one has 10 minutes a week to spare
For the man who spent his life teaching them.

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