April 26, 2014

Love for People

Heart races its beats
When closest souls walk away
Leaving alone in the frying pan...
Hell can be experienced heavenly
When dearest souls share it
People people people
It's all about people
I feel so;
But corporate culture teaches:
People walk in and walk out,
Care for none.
Solid, concrete and sensible people,
They give more meaning to me.
Well trained for years to surpass,
The Pining pain,
But never achieved.
Being alone is inevitable and constant
It's an ultimate truth and Life's difficult lesson to learn;
How much ever life teaches with severe penance
  Emotions are blind, stupid and reasonless
Repeatedly they make the same mistake.
Finding room in people
   Who by chance stop for a few days
Till their vehicle moves on. 
But time always changes my priorities, 
It brings in new ones to fill in,
So I always engaged and evolved 
With people New or Old.
The recesses old ones left shines brighter,
Before the mind slips into unconscious sleep!   
The beauty lies in rejoicing the new
And mourning for the old
At the same moment
As in new year's eve.
It improves the sensitivity,
And makes the life wholesome for me!  

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