April 21, 2014

A Mourning for Passion

Thoughts and feelings overflow 
Beyond the balance
Sinking in and oozing out:
The job rips off 
All the skills I hard-earned, 
Through out the years I lived!
Monotonous reading on a computer screen  
Makes the eyes swollen;  
Forced to read black and white 
Of science, medicines and medical experiments...
Whether they interest me  
Or they bore me to sleep
Whether they sound familiar 
Or they are Greek and Latin
Read, read and read to find fault;
The irony is I love reading!
As an art lover, fantasy lover or poetry lover,
To be exact, I am dying for 9 hours a day,
Of senseless reading.
I spend most of my time doing a job that hurts me,
Or that I hate to do
Just as compulsion and for commitment
To pay off rents, EMIs and medical bills!
Longing for teaching English literature, 
Especially for teaching poetry,
And for a writing profession are all mere dreams...
For one more thing I regret to be born in India,
Where education industry has become a huge trade centre,
Rather a medium to impart knowledge
Where an individual cannot do 
What he or she loves to do 
Rather the individual has to kill the passion for survival!
"An Area of Darkness",
"India: A Wounded Civilization", 
And "India: A Million Mutinies Now"
What V.S. Naipaul experienced in a year time,
I have been experiencing for past thirty years...
For me, nothing can better describe India  
Other than those three titles!  

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