April 14, 2014

Warmth of Tender Touch

It was a ten-hour journey
In a hot sunny day,
In one of the frying pans of train,
With all rush and sweat,
I boarded and placed myself,
In my booked seat,
The three-seater seat
Has no partition in between...
It felt like frying pan to fire!
There is no less crowded commuting in India,
A few extravagant people are exception though.
It is not about the inconvenience or discomfort
Of public transportation!
For once, it's a positive vibe of being in India
Two men shared the seat with me,
Two women with two cute little girls
Seated in the opposite three-seater seat...
The two-year-old girls together made my day!
The kids found room in me
As they might have found their moms boring and restricting,
Though they  both were jovial.
The kids fight with each other to share my lap.
They equally are very possessive...
Only kids can possess a person within an hour.
Beyond the suffocating weather and space,
They find joy in everything they see!
For the first time,
I sensed the value of tangible living - 
The touch and the texture of skin
Holding and hugging,
Beating and rubbing,
Kissing and crushing,
Can be so beautiful and joyful,
Beyond the sweat and heat,
The strewed cookies' and chocolates' crumbs,
The spilled water and hot tomato soup,
And the limited space we had.
Through out the journey,
The kids were all over me...
Playing, singing, dancing and sleeping on my lap!
Abstract, in-concrete and intangible living
My melancholic and dreamy looking out the window,
All disappeared in the whole journey
My tangible senses were completely engulfed!
I felt, life cannot be so beautiful without kids,
Especially without girl kids!

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