March 18, 2014

Waning "Beauty is truth, truth beauty"

The world is too fast and furious,
Meaninglessness infuriates madness,
Sharpness of sensitivity blunts,
Rationalism heads beyond the zenith,
Too much of information kills the essence,
Wordsworth's words have come true:
"We murder to dissect."
Gross and grotesque are beautified,
Obscene language and life style is the current trend,
A prude is treated as an unfit, outdated oldie.
Monetaries and momentaries are flaring up,
Enduring sublime emotions and subtle expressions,
Are mere waste of time.
Shallowness hollows worthy living experience,
Everyone needs a tangible fact to rely on,
None cares for the abstract expressionless moments, 
Romanticists were gifted with the enduring beauty,
Modernists mere suffered with 'The Waste Land"
Post-modernists are rambling for identity in the chaos.
The prolonging truth beauty of mystic moments:
Of Keats’ Grecian Urn
Is insensible to chaotic trauma of current world.

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