March 11, 2014

Need Wings to Fly Far Away!

Deeper bewilderment consumes:
Does dependency ruin the harmony of individuality?
Does it give solace to nonchalant routine?
Frightening to reveal the privacy,
Frightening to lose the priorities,
Frightening to abandon the parents,
Frightening to steal the time:
Of reading books,
Of listening to music,
Of watching movies,
Of writing and of dreaming...
But for a limited time in a day,
Also a feeling of longing lingers,
For a cuddling warmth,
For an assisting hand,
For an emotional dependence!
The fears keep on supressing –
The anticipation for years;
Know not the way out,
And met none to trust beyond the fears.
Regret to be born in the soil:
Where heart and love are considered the least in a wedding!
Where money matters a lot for a marriage,
Where a bridegroom is paid huge by a bride:
To be served for life-time by the bride and her family,
Where spinsters above age 30 are cursed!
Need a flight to fly away from the stale custom,
To a heavenly land:
Where true love can be found and valued,
Where a woman's independency is revered.
Where a woman's individuality is unbroken by her wedding.
Where a woman gets appreciated for living alone!

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