February 13, 2014

Deep and Dark Beautify Life!

Un-earned money,
Un-expressed emotions,
Un-requited love,
Un-achieved goals,
Un-answered prayers,
Un-happened hope,
Are always mystic,
And blamelessly enduring.
Woody Allen says:
“Marriage is the death of hope.”
Either hope of life is fulfilled,
Or hope of life is killed,
Both are the end of hope,
Through a marriage.
What if the hope sustains,
The secrecy prevails?
Wonder is a wonder,
Without a complete form.
A perfect marital life,
Or a romantic ball dance,
With Princess or Prince charming,
Continues on and on 
Without disappointments,
And disagreements,
As the way one dreams or wants.
When living is an illusion,
Why would we search for­ –
Concreteness and completeness?
Unsaid or un-reached climax
Is better preserved and everlasting,
Without those ‘Uns’
Life is a boring business.

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