October 18, 2013

How can I love my country?

They say: numerous lives have been offered
To earn this independent India,
Democratic and secular India,
Is it worth now?
India would have been a much better
Place to live,
If the Brits continued their colony here.  
It’s been 6 decades now,
Schools still train everyone everyday
To take the pledge:
“I love my country”
How can I love my country?
When my fellow-women are cruelly raped and killed,
When policemen safeguard criminals and ill-treat commoner,
When govt. jobs are bribed to inefficient people,
When the country’s constitution is in hands of people in power;
How can I love my country?
When the country’s education system is in all mess,
When my breathing air is polluted in every way,
When my drinking water is costlier than my breakfast,
When all rivers have been changed to sewage,
When people and dogs sleep together in the roadsides,
 When fundamental healthcare is luxury for 80% crowd!
I can love this country,
If I have loads of money and numb senses;
And money alone can earn more money, Indeed!
For a commoner,
It’s a nightmare to live in this country.
Social activists fight against whole lot of issues,
They blame media- and techno-addicted youth,
While day-to-day living itself is a trauma
For most of the population.
Except for the little familial bonds and values
Nothing is lucrative in this country’s waning culture,
How can I love my country?  

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