October 16, 2013

Samwise Gamgee

The brave scout,
In his stature so stout,
Caring as a mother,
Grooming as a father.
He has only simple rules,
To be with his master in every toil,
And to be humble hobbit in every soil.
Never feared to face death,
To save his master Mr. Frodo’s breath.
 He wishes not to be titled as King,
To him great joy the title gardener would bring,
He is never tired of being loyal,
So his master treats him so genial.
The one ring’s power and evilness never hinder,
His loyalty and simplicity as the burning cinder.
Often he refers his gaffer,
To reduce master’s cramps as a buffer.
He sings the verses on his own,
 But he cares only for the gardens grown.
He has stronger will than a hero,
Without Sam the hero couldn't have killed the foe.
He dares not of any peril,
He always brims with hope of tendril.
His heart and hands make arid soil fecund,

And so Samwise represents growth in BagEnd!

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