October 19, 2013

Frodo Baggins

He is a little hobbit with great virtues,
Heir of Bilbo Baggins,
Gene of Brandybuck,
Blend of wisdom and strong will,
 Humble and loveable.
But sings only the pathos.
Unexpectedly the fatal ring
Slips into his finger,
The power of the ring consumes
 Bit by bit his peace and good will,
So he is titled as ring-bearer
Blessed with unique goodness.
Compassionate even to the dirtiest creature,
Always scheming against him.
With stooping burden of the ring,
With the aid of his loyal servant,
To cast the doom of the world,
He walks into Mount Doom –
The daring fire cleft
In the heart of enemy’s land.
He endures the torment
Of being choked by the squeal of Ring Wraiths,
Of losing gracious hobbit soul occasionally,
Of standing naked in veil of fire mentally.
Indeed he is agonized and frustrated,
Throughout his long journey,
Beyond his might,
By holding on to strong will,
To restore goodness back into the world,
Without expecting a single endowment for himself.
So he stands out as the hero.

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