October 23, 2013


Wizard of Middle Earth
Has the wisdom of a life-time worth.
Clads in all grey,
And has a staff with strong silver ray,
When he commands his staff to lit
And the evil darkness flit.
Santa to Shire-folk
Mithrandhir to Minas Thirith-folk.
Gwaihir the eagle lord rescues him thrice,
And Shadowfax the horse lord is always at his service.
From Moria resurrected as Gandalf the white
As a holder of the third elven ring Narya in secret,
Foresees and foretells the future
And so he speaks in riddles by nature,
None dares to decipher his design,
What, where, when and who to assign,
Only he knows.
The old Ents follow his command 
And moves the whole wood in an errand
To capture the Isengard, 
From Saruman's evil guard. 
In simple, he rolls the ball,
And the world stops at his call.
What Krishna does in Indian epic Mahabharath

Gandalf does the same in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth!

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