June 15, 2013

You and I - The Moon and The Sky

The sky was bright, wide and empty.
The full moon slithered in;
The emptiness and wideness,
Of the sky are adorned,
With silver radiance,
With warmth and coolness,
Each moment of togetherness,
Sprinkled as a star of joy.
The freaky full moon,
Even without an alert,
Sneaked into another galaxy,
From reach of the sky,
Years passed away,
But, the sky is strewed
With stars of memories-
The stars are invisible
At day time though they are there,
The stars hurt a lot,
At night time as they twinkle bright!
The sky was much prettier,
With bright emptiness;
The moonless sky is dark and dreary,
Stars no more adorn the sky,
But they prick the peace of the sky!
The sky tries hard to erase
The trace of moon and the stars-
All go in vain!

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