June 5, 2013

Utopian Handsome

Seeming beauty,
Mortal perfections,
Well-bred etiquette,
All external materials,
Matter a trivial,
Loyalty and love,
Innocence and indigence,
The abstract innate virtues,
Are the core attractions,
Of the noble chap.
The caress of a feather,
The responsibility of a mother,
Pure and chaste
Platonic and convivial,
Sublimation of libidinal impulse,
On partner’s single frown  
All buckle the masculine handsomeness!
Such authentic nature,
Sweeps a girl off from the ground,
Makes a girl feel flying in the cloud;
The prince of character
Wakes up in midnight,
Nuzzles on forehead,
Gapes at a sleeping lady love,
Fathoms her silence,
Admires her goofy excuses,
Blames her for nothing,
Trusts her in wholesome!
The dreamy guy of cuteness,
Lives only in utopia! 

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