May 27, 2013

Idiotic idiocy on a forsaken idiot

Alone all alone with the loan,
Of sizzling memories,
Spend a senseless living;
Drizzling sky spreads,
The enduring pang of gloomy heart;
Squeezing and wheezing breath:
As the lungs lost its pace,
Of moaning over and over,
Bleeding and haggard eyes:
As the tear glands burst
Of crying over and over,
For a never ending misery;
Conscious choice is made,
To squeal and howl every minute,
Of thoughts that rub the emotions,
Memories are memos for death!
The core is worn out of sore,
Many peep in to relieve,
None could compete
The ill-tempered, immature,
Innocent idiot-
Who forsook long back…
And entrapped in the no man's land!

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