May 26, 2013

Flowery Feelings

You are an avant-garde acanthus,
Keep blooming in me as balsam,
Flattened by your nature of camellia,
Many fall for your manners of dazzling daisy
I entice by your care of elderflower
But you only leave me with fungus
You mastered the eminence of gladiolus,
That ties my heart with honeysuckle
Thus my love for you is ivy
From you I beg for a jasmine
For non-seasonal brightness of kerria,
However, you throw just love lies bleeding
With gratitude I endure the marigold
I am destined for narcissus!
I am dragged by your seductive skill of oats
You took away all my poppies
Still I continue the ride with quercus
My dejected heart never feels the rue
Beyond the reality, endures the snowdrop
I fret every-minute for my vain white tulip
Stupidly still I hang-on for uvularia (unusual flower),
With open arms for your viscaria,
Around you I wish to make a witch-hazel,
To make you feel my flowers of X, Y and Z

Those are not found anywhere else but only in my heart!

Note: Please refer the language of flower-

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