April 21, 2011

The Dalai Lama's Magic

It was very depressing to be in the same state of life for more than two years. I was having bundles of memories built in my CPU system and I couldn’t find the recycle bin to move them all. Memories started ruining my peace and harmony both at home and office; they make my day heavy and hectic. I am lost in the memories many times and loose my conscious, finally ended up in incomplete work. I deliberately start burning the blow-up of my reputation.
I always feel that I am independent as I am a single child and so never expect anything from anyone to do for me. But, now I realized as a single child I am cursed to be dependent on others for affection. I depend on others’ care and love where I pave the pavement for them to use and throw me. Even here, I cannot blame others because I forget to love myself. I realized at a point that if I am responsible for building false hopes and synthesizing everything to one thing and filling in crazy memories, then I must take responsibility to clear them up. But, I also realized the truth of human mind’s wobbly nature as it has come from our ancestral instinct it jumps from one extreme to other just like that. Therefore, I desperately need a support to tame the monkey. Suddenly, a book which I bought a year ago just flashed to my eyes: “The Power of Compassion” by Dalai Lama.
I choose the book because it looks small and compact which help me to build the concentration and retain the lost consciousness. I would say sometimes angel comes in any form, to me through this book! I have not yet completed the book, though it has got just 245 pages, which is not more than four working days/one weekend to finish in my reading pace. But, it has been more than two weeks I am still reading…
The first chapter “Contentment, Joy and Living Well”, the title itself gave me a realization of ‘I am responsible for what I am’. I am just jotting down the extracts which lift me up:
“Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. The decision is up to you… if you find if this is of no use then discard it”
“If there is a conflict between the short-term interest and long-term interest, the long-term interest is more important… there is no absolute and that everything is relative.”
“In a material society there is just as much mental unrest and frustration if not more. This shows up that we are human beings after all.”
“...the word ‘spiritual’ I mean basic human good qualities.”
“…self confidence is very important… it should not be blind one but ones awareness of one’s own potential.”
“Four noble truths of Buddha’s teaching: 1.There is suffering 2. That suffering has cause 3. There is a cessation of suffering 4. There is a path to such freedom”
“…every human action becomes significant.”
“a genuine, affectionate smile is important in our day-to-day life.”
“…strong attachment tends to lead to negative consequences, whereas love and compassion leads to more positive consequences.”
“But to go to the extreme, to a sort of blind love, often creates problems and more misery.”
“One must not have just the desire for sexual pleasure, but also a sense of responsibility, a sense of commitment.”
Conclusion of the first Chapter:
“Good conduct is the way in which life becomes more meaningful, more constructive and more peaceful. For this much depends on our own behavior and our own mental attitude.”  

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