April 28, 2011

Miles to go... Keep up the spirit!

Day by day moves on
Distress and dismay pile up
Month on month pays on,
The fear of saving less insecurity
Year after year hope crashes down,
Family’s irrational quarrels,
And chaotic yells soar inch by inch
All the reasons…
Zeroed down to the financial crisis
Beyond the materials
Rarely soulful things happen
Though unfulfilled dream
Left an ultimate optimism and joy,
Caressing company of a chirpy friend,
Boosts up the energy
But Lasts like a rainbow-
Suddenly everything vanished
With a bang of pains and drains!
“Whatever happens, life has to move on”
No regret or guilt
Fighting to achieve security
Exploring for new venture
Expecting to meet more humans
World is wide and life is a tide
Keep up the spirit and keep on moving!

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