December 1, 2009

Mystery of Blooming Blue

I’m trying my best to get thee out of my head,
But everyday the madness prevails,
Thee came into me with all ease,
Stay ever blowing as breeze,
Cuddle in my breath: I wheeze!
Still I pray for a memory loss,
The smile ruins my sight,
The voice ruins my thoughts,
My mind doesn’t work…
The cursor ramble automatically
On the screen, the work goes on reasonless…
As my eyes saunter senselessly
As my ears are deaf to all sound
Except for thy seem and voice
How come thee meddled in all my senses!!!
Meditation prevails on thee and only thee!!!

I regret many times:
Why does my journey lead me here?
On the way, thee bloomed so magnificently:
With an unusual blue plumes,
With brimming honey,
With the sonorous rhapsody,
With an everlasting aroma!!!
Still I’m not able to decode the mystery
Of the unknown flower on unfertilized soil,
New kind of thee makes all the difference
In my twenty seven years journey-
When I come to feel thee
Oh flower! Thee shuts thyself:
With numerous irony spikes!
‘Ouch!! Thee pierced deeply
My emotions are doomed to death…’

Still I thank thee for blooming in my unknown soil!
Thee know not my world was a pleasant desert!
I used to be with the hot sun and emptiness…
Thee bloomed: the world has become unusual green!
So much of vegetation and streams…
Hard to believe and breathe!
Now, thee droops in after I lost in a fertile forest!
I lost my way! ‘Nay not make it futile!’
Still searching for my lost desert
Yet the aroma hits…
Devastating blueness prevails the conscious…
Blue Plumes soar and fill my sky…
Awestruck me: ‘What a miraculous flower thee is!’


Madhuri said...


Villow Spark said...

Thank you Madhuri!

Whenever I read this poem, I feel elated to sense that life is so beautiful with love!