December 4, 2009

Nature's Curse?!

Thousand of words run over mind
Still the words are locked at the countenance;
Though the pretension is perfect,
Heart beats faster than ever –
Just for a breeze of breath…
Everything is crystal clear of nothing!
Still, one thing disturbs the peace,
Eyes can be shut to shun the seem,
Yet, the feel can’t be shunned...
Wherever I move,
Whatever I do,
A cloud of sorrow is over my head!
Learnt and knew about philosophies,
Meditation and spiritual quest of life: Useless!!!
Stupidity continues to make all reasons fool,
Madness prevails all the strength of past:
Pride of not being disturbed!
No one has skipped the nature's curse of life!
I doubt, may be hidden but not skipped-
Even in the lives of saints!


Madhuri said...

This is good work. Your view of the abstracts and the language is absolutely good if not perfect.

VJ said...

Well done Kulamani!!!
I particularly loved this piece by you. It's so true. Everyone goes through it. This section of poems cleary depicts what is prevailing in your thoughts and yes, your actions too. ;)
As I said earlier, little 'i', time waits for no one. It just flies by. The hours of pain will soon go away replaced by hours of gain. Cheer up!!!