January 16, 2014

Wading Through

Up, up, up, climbing up
With the hope to encounter light,
On an endless, rootless,
And ruthless peak,
Started as young and vibrant,
With hale and hearty spirit,
Years pass on and on,
Tangled in the deepest darkness,
Amidst a winding lifeless creeper,
Blindfolded till the beauty wanes,
Till the sensitivity senses the humdrum,
Groping for life lost many years,
Gasping for breath thrust forward,
However, fragments of the dead creeper,
Cling tight to the ankle,
Know not the way to cut them off
Dragging the feet with the burden,
In the path of steep and sharp,
Beyond the hopelessness and haplessness,
Still up, up, up, climbing up!

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