January 10, 2014

Treasure Hunt

Some see life as complex theory,
Some see life as simple logic,
Some live life as momentary pleasure,
Some live life as unending suffering,
Some live to pursue the spiritual joy,
Some live to question the spiritual existence…
Some curse life,
Some praise life.
Indeed, life is mere life!
With all flavour of expressions of emotions,
Perception and beliefs differ
From person to person,
From time to time,
From circumstance to circumstance.
But theory or logic or pleasure or suffering,
In eagle view life is worth living,
Beyond its extremities.
As in William Shakespeare’s classic lines:
“There is nothing either good or bad,
But thinking makes it so”;
 Still universal oneness
In love and pain,
In shine and rain,
In joy and sorrow,
And in hope on the morrow,
Thrive beyond differences…
And abstract and intangible secrecy
Continues to mystify
Every next moment…
And so life is a treasure hunt!

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