December 16, 2013

Bilbo Baggins

Belongs to an ideal folk of peace,
His hole of home gives him ease;
Six to Seven times he eats a day,
Skipping a single-time makes his temper to fray.
On his way a wizard brings an offer,
To be a burglar to buffer,
Thirteen dwarves seeking for their home,
They bumbled in to his hole in the gloam;
Baggins in him loves cosy and comfort;
Took in him loves to be crazy and valiant.
Baggins is overridden by Took
And so he got the ring of magic in fluke;
On his adventurous journey,
Dwarves and he had many barney;
The wizard never doubts his strong will,
And so he alone cares for the hobbit in peril;
He realizes his own might in a spider fight,
Then on he is never fright,
By the magical powers of Elven-king,
Or by the fire-breathing dragon with bling;
He cares for his friends but more for the peace,
He dares to steal the Arkenstone with ease,
To alleviate the reasonless greed of Dwarf-king,
And to stop the war among mighty kins.
His humble hobbit heart desires nothing,
From the measureless treasure of golden sling;
All he loves is his leisurely life of jive,
At his warm little hobbit hive!

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