November 27, 2013


Differences, differences
Everywhere around me, 
It hurts to witness:
Roadside dogs suffering
With all hits and hurts,
Awaiting for death at any moment;
A pet dog of a posh house, 
With a medic to take care,
Gets all pamper and parenting.
Human beings are not an exception:
Many are:
Cursed with poverty,
Cursed with loneliness,
Cursed with society's all the illness!
A few are:
Gifted with good health and great wealth,
Gifted with love and care,
Gifted with normal living of the society!

I wish, 
The creator could have planned
A better world:
With love and peace,
With no pain and sorrow,
With full of soothing sun light,
With no darkness,
With always blooming spring,
With neither piercing winter,
Nor burning summer,
With an immortal living,
With no birth and death,
For every single organism's content,
No one kills no one to live!
Enough of the balanced world, 
Of vice and virtue.
I lose my balance 
To bear unfair affairs on earth.
Let the greed-less joy and fear-less harmony,
Untie the subdued balance,
Of life and death in the world. 

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