May 8, 2013

Impromptu Emotions only on You!

The very thought of you
Brings tears to my eyes…
Dripping tears don’t know,
Either the eyes don’t know,
The reason for the instinct reaction,
The impromptu emotions are gushing out,
As the memories flash you in…
I wonder if I ever cross your mind!
I connect you with everything…

Or you connect everything to me:  
Years have passed,
Far far from you but not without you!
Crossed many physical and mental crises,
You are still avant-grade music to me,
The muse that never leave me!
You didn’t even have part in this…
You just cared as a colleague.
You never want me in your life,
Even as a friend.

I understand rationally it’s all my fault,
I have been trying to be indifferent,
To you and to anything that you do,
Anger and care,
Sorrow and joy,
Hate and love,
Feelings and feelings are only brimming,
Many mental tries to let you go,
Are going as futile,
As remembering an unknown name. 

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