May 7, 2013

Fate of Professionals?!?!

Many are stamped to be professionals,
Irrespective of personal choice-
In fast growing industrial India,
The business of professional education
Is hiking with zeal to zenith,
Numerous colleges are popping up
Year on year-
To appeal the crowd,
Every year a fare is conducted to fill the seats;
With flaring posters and pamphlets
Every institution promises a job after four or five years,
As if institutions are career agents for many concerns,
Regardless of the potential and passion of scholars!
Many innocent individuals fall in trap,
Trusting that their lives will be enhanced
After four years of meaningless education.
Nobler thought of imparting knowledge is dead,
Among the education business-makers!

Geeks who run a mechanical living,
Market metro’s flashy splashy nature,
With excess bank balance,
Are the current role-models of every youth!
Men of principles live only in books,
Their civility lasts all its fervour.
Youthfulness of youth is vanquished
By the bewilderment of which path to choose!
Every year a crowd of youth rushes to metros,
In search of job following their living role-models,
There is no answer for the questions:
‘What kind of job profile do you like to work?’
‘What are your natural skill set?’
‘What do you want to achieve?’
All they want is job that pays enough,
The knowledge of self is zero!
So pity to see such mad crowd,
It’s pathetic to think of the future society~

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