November 4, 2012


What a pretty word!
How pregnant in emotions!
Often many relate it to hostile,
Doesn’t it sound rude?
The immediacy of the word is bliss!
None can meddle in lone serenity,
‘All my own and by own’
How pride to be so!
No instructions and no restrictions,
Lovelier to sing aloud,
Shyness ripped off,
Flawless tip-toe,
With wide open arms swerving around,
Like Tinker bell and Barbie princess!
Even shapeless physique feels no shame,
In comparison of Barbie!
Giving ears to ‘noiseless noises’ of inner earnings,
Liberating the wounded soul,
No chime and no chide…
Tranquil space to mourn the mounded sorrows!
The pleasant pause of time!
No hurry and no limitations…
What an aversion of life
To pretend to convince,
To enact a social drama,
To comfort kith and kin,
People, people and people!
The charm of being alone is peerless,
In comparison of withering happiness of people!

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