September 9, 2012

The Teacher!

The Magic begins with his majestic walk,
The stern, steady and brisk little treads,
The magician steps in to the arena!
The audience is quiet,
He inspects each face and every thought.
The rectangle frame-less goggles fit the effect,
Then a warm dimpled smile eases the audience,
Aloud attendance call of numbers
From his bold, bright, and crystal clear vocal chords,
Proclaims the show of an hour with spellbound effect.
Scintillating aura of arena brings Goosebumps.
In an hour a life time wisdom and knowledge
Burst out as fireworks on dark, blank sky!
The succession of every minute laments
The dying minutes of past!
The show approaches the finale,
Every heart prays to prolong…
The magician cuts the edge sharply on time!
He walks out with the chivalry
On succeeding catharsis in every spectator!

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